Tony Frable is the owner and operator of Morgan’Z Pub & Eatery in Scranton. He also works with the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General. Morgan’Z Pub & Eatery was first opened by his family in 2009, and he has been the principal operator since 2012. He is a native of West Scranton and is a graduate of West Scranton High School and Marywood University, where he earned a degree in accounting. He lives in Scranton.
Meet Tony Frable …

Tell us a little about Morgan’Z Pub & Eatery.
We’re in the Green Ridge section, and we have a pretty large patio, and one of the few patios in Scranton, so our summers are incredibly busy. We have two bars outside and about 10 TVs. It was very unique for a while, but now more and more bars are starting to put on patios. We took over in 2009 and gave it a new name, but we’ve traced the history of the bar back to the early 1950s.

What do you enjoy about it the most?
All of the people I meet. All the connections I’ve made. I’ve made a lot of close friends. We’ve been doing it for nine years, so as you’d imagine, we’ve met a lot of people in that time, so really, it’s all of the great people I’ve met and all of the friends that I’ve made.

You’re also pretty involved in the community and with fundraisers and benefits, correct?
It’s the most rewarding part of having the business. We do a benefit every year in memory of Kelcey Hallinan, a young girl from Dunmore who passed from Lymphoma, and we donate the proceeds to a children’s hospital or Make-A-Wish. We were also just one of the stops for the Jackson Vee fundraiser.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I’m really interested in racing and race cars. One of the things I’m involved with this year is bringing back a motorsports expo to Scranton. The last one was in 1998, at the old Grossman’s building, and I came up with this idea to bring it back. I partnered with a few guys, we formed a company, and we started securing sponsors. And at the end of March, on the 24th and 25th, we’re going to have the car show again at The Icebox, which ironically, is right across the street from where Grossman’s used to be. And really, all of my free time has gone to that. But it doesn’t feel like work, because it’s kind of fun.

Favorite music?
The Talking Heads. The Police. I enjoy live music.

Do you follow sports?
Oakland Raiders.

Favorite vacation spot or place you’ve visited?
I went to Phoenix a few years ago, for a Notre Dame game, and it was funny, but everybody knew we weren’t from there. Not because of the way we talked or anything, but because we were “underdressed” for the 80 degree weather. It was November, and when we left, it was 20 or 30 degrees, but it was 80 degrees there. So we had shorts on, and T-shirts, and they said, “We can tell you’re not from here, because it’s cold.” To them, 80 was cold. (Laughs)

Favorite thing about NEPA?
We absolutely have the best food. Pizza, wings … I’m always amazed that chain restaurants try to come in here, because we already have the best.

Favorite food?
My brother and I have this wing sauce. It’s a spicy Italian. We just made it up a few weeks ago, and it’s really good on chicken wings. The people that we rolled it out to really like it.

Favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving. It’s the best meal. And it’s just really simple and laid back, and you just appreciate your time with your friends and family.

Any pets?
No pets, but I have a cactus. Somebody gave it to me as a housewarming gift about four years ago. It’s very low maintenance. I have to water it about every three weeks. And I haven’t killed it yet. It’s still with me. (Laughs)

All-time favorite movie?
“Me, Myself & Irene.”

Favorite TV show?
I’ve always liked comedies and cartoons … things to laugh at and not take too seriously. I also like the History Channel.

Biggest pet peeve?
People that complain too much on Facebook.

Guilty pleasure?
Red Bull Zero.

Is there anything about you that might really surprise people?
Probably not, because I’m usually really, really open. But once in a while I’ll meet someone that says. “I can’t believe that you like race cars.” They seem to think I’m not the type of person that would want to get my hands dirty. But I do a little bit of everything.

Who, if anyone, has the greatest impact and influence on you and your life?
It was just my Mom and I until I was about five, and we were really, probably, kind of poor. But I never knew. I was only a little kid, but I never knew I was poor, even until I was much older. And so I give a lot of credit to my mom. I think she did a pretty good job of raising me.

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Photos by Emma Black