Tori Viccica already has a steady schedule of shows at just 16 years old.
Just one year ago, the West Pittston native took her chance at an open mic night at Tony’s Wine Cellar, and it went better than she could have expected.
“I was scared to death, because they told me to have three songs ready, but they just kept asking me to sing more as I went on,” she recalled. “I wasn’t prepared to sing anymore.”
Viccica now plays at the Pittston sports bar every Wednesday, and she recently went On the Record to discuss the past year of performing in Northeast Pennsylvania and what she hopes to accomplish in the future.
Q: How did you get involved in music?
A: I always loved listening to different genres of music. As I got older, I taught myself how to play guitar and just started singing my favorite songs.
Q: What is the process like for writing your music?
A: When writing original music, I can usually come up with cool lyrics at a random time and then sit down and put music behind it. I keep a collection of lines of songs that I would come up with, say at school or somewhere, all on my phone. The lyrics that come out of nowhere usually end up being the best ones.
Q: How have you changed as a musician?
A: I feel I have changed as far as being more confident and having more of a stage presence. The rest I will hope to figure out in the future.
Q: What are some of your favorite memories?
A: Some of the best memories I have would be getting to play with some really talented and experienced musicians. That’s something you can get a lot of at Tony’s Wine Cellar. Some of the musicians that I have performed with are Bret Alexander from the Badlees and violinist Nyke Van Wyke. You definitely learn something from playing with people like that.
Q: What music do you listen to — either for inspiration or that you just enjoy listening to?
A: Most of the music I listen to is classic rock, just because I feel that I identify with that the most. But I think I could listen to just about anything. All the way from pop, modern rock, alternative — anything really.
Q: Have you faced any challenges as a musician?
A: The challenge I face mostly as a musician at 16 years old would have to be my age. I’m limited to certain venues because not every place is OK with having a 16-year-old come in and play.
Q: What are your future goals for your music?
A: My future goals would be just getting original music out there and seeing if enough people like it. If it gets a good response, then maybe I’ll try to go to the next level. I’m recording my first song with Steve Martin at Atlattle Sounds. I will be releasing some original music very shortly.


Meet Tori Viccica
Established: 2016
Based in: West Pittston
Genre: Classic rock
Online: @ToriViccicasCovers on Facebook
Up next: Every Wednesday open mic night at Tony’s Wine Cellar, Pittston; Friday, Dec. 22, 279 Bar & Grill, Plains Twp.; and Saturday, Dec. 23, Cavanaugh’s Grille, Mountain Top

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