Through sheer force of vocal prowess, Pentatonix creates a full symphony of driving percussion, lush harmonies and musicality that recreates — and remixes — pop, hip-hop and R&B’s most recognizable hits.
The globally popular a capella group, which boasts more than 15 million YouTube subscribers and a trio of Grammy awards to its name, makes its way to the Pavilion at Montage Mountain on Saturday, Aug. 25, at 8 p.m.
Mitch Grassi, one of the lead vocalists and the youngest member of Penatonix, recently spoke with The Times-Tribune via email while he was on vocal rest about how the group keeps audiences entertained and what they can expect at the Scranton show.

Q: From the stage show to the songs you’ve mastered for your repertoire, what will we see and hear during your upcoming concert?
A: This is the biggest stage production Pentatonix has ever put together! You can expect brilliant light shows, visuals and lots of never-before-heard ear candy. We’re performing a lot of our new material, as well as some fan favorites!

Q: When playing a large-scale venue like the Pavilion, how do you make sure the show feels big and bombastic, even for the people on lawn seats in the way back?
A: Our crew for this particular show has been amazing and so creative. They’ve really brought it to life in a whole new way. Plus, we’re giving 100 percent energy the entire time.

Q: Describe what a perfect night on stage feels like for you as the performer, and what you look for in the crowd to know they’re having a good time, too.
A: To me, a successful performance is one that I enjoy thoroughly. I have to make sure I feel good, and my voice feels good. If I feel like I’m not doing my best, I start getting really in my head. I love looking out at the crowd and seeing lots of dancing and singing along! That lets me know that the audience is enjoying themselves, which is very important. I think as long as we bring joy and light to the audience members’ nights, we’ve done our job. I love to make people happy with music.

Q: Why do you think presenting live music for audiences of all ages is important these days?
A: We’re very lucky to have a fan base that spans a wide range of ages (and other really amazing factors)! It’s actually so incredible to be able to bring the unlikeliest of people together, especially because they’re all there to watch us perform. Our audiences are just as diverse as our band members.