We’re back in the New Year, wrapping up our look at 2016’s 20 best albums. And now, THE TOP TEN.

10. DEERHOOF — “The Magic” (June)
Avante-rockers Deerhoof played it straight (about as straight as they can play it anyway) and delivered a wildly spontaneous (recorded in less than a week) and blissfully noisy set. “The Magic” ended up being just as fascinating as past releases (fun, too).

9. RADIOHEAD — “Moon Shaped Pool” (June)
The inspired pairing of British indie rock legends Radiohead and producer Nigel Godrich continues to amaze. Since its 1997 masterpiece “OK Computer,” the band has never worked with another producer or made a weak record. “Pool” was simply another disc that smashed all expectations.

8. THE RADIO DEPT — “Running Out of Love” (October)
Swedish dream-pop collective the Radio Dept. turned up both the electronics and the global politics on its fourth record. “Love” ended up a near-perfect melding of underground ’90s grooves, twee pop and modern bouts with computers (not to mention some calculated anger).

7. JOYCE MANOR — “Cody” (October)
California punks Joyce Manor churned out 10 very personal tracks in 25 minutes and left us emotionally drained at the end. Close friends died, junkies didn’t get better, relationships crashed and burned, and the riffs and melodies were all killer.

6. MITSKI — “Puberty 2” (June)
New York indie singer/songwriter Mitski grew up lyrically and stretched out musically on “Puberty.” Facing adulthood head-on and combining grungy rock with electronic and modern folk, she delivered an eclectic, stirring and concise set that left us craving more.

5. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE — “Painting with Animal Collective” (February)
Maryland indie pop/rock outfit Animal Collective went for crazy doses of instant gratification on “Painting.” Its usual mix of the weird and wonderful was left intact but with bigger and healthier pop sensibilities this time. Not a bad starting point for uninitiated newbies.

4. LORETTA LYNN — “Full Circle” (March)
The living legend (now 84) released her first album in a dozen years and verified that she’s STILL one of the most important and relevant voices in country music. Produced by Lynn’s daughter Patsy along with John Carter Cash, “Circle” proved more authentic than anything pouring out of Nashville today.

3. A TRIBE CALLED QUEST — “We Got It from Here … Thank You 4 Your Service” (November)
One of the most talented hip-hop acts of the ’90s got back together and released one of its finest albums. With Phife Dawg’s death earlier this year, however, “We Got It” was not the beginning of a bold new chapter in Tribe’s story. It would be the bittersweet conclusion. But what an awesome climax.

2. THE AVALANCHES — “Wildflower” (July)
After keeping us waiting for 15 years, the Australian electronic duo finally gave the influential and memorable “Since I Left You” (2000) a proper follow-up. Expectations ran unreasonably high, but the pair did not disappoint with their unique, multi-layered sonic landscapes.

1. CASE LANG VEIRS — “Case Lang Veirs” (June)
Three women from the worlds of country and alt-folk blended their voices and songwriting capabilities flawlessly. Neko Case, K.D. Lang and Laura Veirs collaborated equally, with each member complementing the other two without dominating the proceedings. Here’s hoping this project gets a sequel soon.

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