THE GOOD: American alt-rockers BRMC are still plugging away on their eighth.
THE BAD: “Creatures” is highly predictable but not bad.
THE NITTY GRITTY: These guys have been reliable since the turn of the century, a working ROCK band ripping off Velvet Underground’s bleakness, the fuzzy grind found on mid-period Jesus & Mary Chain records and the guitar-fueled haze that fogged up just about any shoegaze catalog you may remember.
The formula remains just intriguing enough to make any hour-long session with the guys NOT seem like an exercise in repetitious excess. “Wrong Creatures” is no exception. Even when we’re hit with a bunch of mid-tempo sludge-fests across its middle, the album resonates. The growling session conjures up images of any American desert or lost highway after dark. Warm, dusty and a little dangerous, these moody tunes roar and simmer in all the right places. Progress be damned — BRMC is the same as it ever was, but that’s cool.
BUY IT?: Your call.

THE GOOD: The New York Johns (Flansburgh and Linnell) return with another quirky, infectious, indie pop playlist.
THE BAD: It’s business as usual, but with TMBG, that’s never bad.
THE NITTY GRITTY: Buy pretty much ANY of the group’s album’s and you know what you’ll get — jingle writers gone mad and penning tiny pop masterpieces instead of pesky commercials. They’ve done it rather prolifically for more than three sing-song decades now.
This time, you can groove to the seamless funk carrying “Push Back the Hands,” swim in the fuzzy surf guitar slathered all over the stomping “An Insult to the Fact Checkers” and revel in the downright weirdness that is the title track. Personally, I’m quite smitten with the rolling and tumbling urgency of “When the Lights Come On.”
Longtime fans won’t be disappointed. And newbies (I’m sure there are still SOME at this point) probably will be encouraged to delve into the back catalog after a few sessions of “Fun.”
BUY IT?: Oh yeah.

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN — ‘How to Solve Our Human Problems’
THE GOOD: Scottish indie pop collective Belle and Sebastian returns with its 10th full-length (sort of) work.
THE BAD: The 69-minute long player actually compiles three five-song “Human Problems” EPs the group released sporadically since November. That’s only bad if you shelled out a few pennies for some of those smaller collections. The track listing of all the EPs and this compilation are identical.
THE NITTY GRITTY: Technicalities aside, the new record is typical modern B&S. The band continues to progress and shed its pure “twee pop” roots, maintaining the gentle melodies while expanding the musical palette to include bigger rhythms and bolder arrangements.
Whether it’s the forceful and jumpy “The Girl Doesn’t Get It,” the quaint Baroque tones coloring “I’ll Be Your Pilot” or the country musings adding charm to “There Is an Everlasting Song,” mastermind Stuart Murdoch and company are in fine spirits, delivering another exquisite collection that only gets better the more times you indulge.
BUY IT?: Yes.