Jessup native Jamie Lupini, aka Jamison Alley, released her first CD, “On the Inside,” in 2000, but her live performances in years since focused more on cover songs.
A recent period of “personal soul-searching” plus her work with adults in the mental health field moved the singer/songwriter to get back to her roots with original music. By sharing her own songs in therapeutic settings, Lupini’s confidence returned, and she re-established herself as Jamison Alley with the release of a music video for her song “Still Kickin’” this year.
The Charleston, South Carolina, resident recently went On the Record to talk about her origins in Northeast Pennsylvania and where her music has taken her now.

Q: Tell me about when you first discovered a love for music and your talent for singing.
A: I would have to say I never really initially discovered music, it just always seemed to “be” a part of my life. However, I formally started piano at age 7 and vocal lessons during high school.

Q: Who are some of your greatest influences as a performer?
A: Carole King, Barbra Streisand, Sugarland (and) Melissa Etheridge, and my overall vote for stage presence would be Pink.

Q: Describe the genre of music you perform.
A: I had a bit of a dilemma pinpointing a specific genre, so I created the term “therafusion” as my genre. “Fusion” comes from the mixture of styles of music including pop, rock, country, ballads and other categories in my lineup. By day I am an occupational and music therapist, so I integrate empowering lyrics to help others through difficult times, to remind them about positive circumstances or communicate valuable lessons.

Q: Describe a Jamison Alley show.
A: The first half of the set will start out with the full band playing a driving rock tune followed by a passively powerful pop/Latin song, then a sexy contemporary piece; an intense, heartbreaking ballad; and ending with an innately energizing beach tune. Next, I will perform two songs by myself on acoustic guitar before moving into two piano tunes, which include a vocally driven, thought-provoking ballad and pounding, controversial popular tune for those struggling with their identity. This leads us into the country realm with my song “Still Kickin’,” followed by a catchy rock tune which talks about me finally being able to share my original music (live) with everyone.

Q: What do you love about performing before audiences?
A: I love the connection, looking out and seeing the audience moving to the beat and watching them sing along to my songs.

Q: What has been the highlight of your journey as Jamison Alley?
A: The highlight is the making of the music video. Having my family and friends be a part of this endeavor was very important to me. During the video shoot, they effortlessly justified what the song was all about, and they made it easy to capture and transmit the song concepts.