Hometown pride means a lot to Nanticoke-based band Send Request.
Images of parks, ice cream shops, diners and schools from across the Luzerne County town appear in the band’s most recent music video, “Falling to Pieces.”

“We wanted this video to showcase the places and people who made us who we are today,” the band wrote on its Facebook page. “This is where we call home.”

The pop-punk outfit comprised of Andrew Blank, vocals and guitar; Derek Holminski, guitar and vocals; bassist Aron Wood and drummer Jonathon Labenski, recently signed to SharpTone Records, which produces popular bands such as We Came As Romans and Miss May I.
The quartet recently went On the Record to discuss how the band came to fruition and its new album, “Perspectives,” which hits record stores Friday, Aug. 24.

Q: How did you choose your band name, Send Request?
Holminski: I was on Internet Explorer downloading Google Chrome, and in the bottom left corner it said “sending request.” I just dropped the “ing.” We ended up using the name by all of us writing five band names and mixing them up in a salad bowl. We drew each name and pinned them against each other tournament style, until Send Request won.

Q: What was the path that lead to the creation of Send Request, and how long have you been working together as a group?
Blank: We all went to the same high school. I was 16 and doing this cover band with Jon at the time but also sharing an interest with Derek about writing songs and touring. Ultimately, the cover band came to an end, and Send Request was created not long after that. Derek got in touch with Aron, and I got back in touch with Jon, and five years later here we are still riding the same wave. I can solidly say we have no plans to stop. Music is our passion.

Q: Do you perform outside of NEPA? If so, where have you toured, and how often?
Labenski: We make our way out of the Northeast occasionally. We have done a few shows in the Philadelphia area and the Allentown area. We have also had the pleasure of building a fan base in the Williamsport area. Throughout the years, we have also done shows in New Jersey and New York.

Q: Describe a Send Request live show. What do you hope for your audiences to experience while seeing you perform?
Wood: A Send Request live show in its purest form is best described as hitting up all your friends and just hanging out and having the best time you possibly can. As a band, we try to connect with our fans both on and offstage and are happy to say that we are friends with all of our fans new and old. Connecting through music is what we live for, and being able to meet all the amazing people we have through it makes it that much better.

Q: What do you enjoy about performing in and around NEPA? Has the music scene here affected your sound as a band?
Holminski: I mean, it’s always awesome to play in our home. Getting to see all the friends we have made over the years jam out with us is something extremely special. There isn’t much pop-punk in the area, so that is something we are definitely trying to change.

Q: Your album, “Perspectives” is coming out this month. What was the songwriting process like for this record? Do you have a favorite song on the album?
Blank: “Perspectives” is a conglomerate of different emotions all bundled into 10 tracks. Each song lyrically has a story that comes from personal experience, so the record almost feels like a diary to me. The songwriting process was slow, but I wanted everything to feel as natural and as relatable as it could be, and I’ve learned things like that take time, so I was patient and really let the songs write themselves in a way. I can honestly say I’m really happy with the album as a whole, so I can’t pick favorites when the whole thing is just that good.

Q: Has being signed with SharpTone Records affected your outlook for the future of the band?
Blank: If anything, it’s made us buckle down more. We want to be the best we can be, so we’ll just keep grinding.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add that you think people should know about Send Request or your upcoming record release?
Labenski: This new record is gonna hit really hard. All of it is emotionally driven, and that is definitely a different speed for this band. It is this band’s best work to date.

Find Send Request on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and www.sendrequestband.com