Scranton hip-hop artist Danny Griffith, who performs under the moniker 10griffy, recently released his first full-length album, “Lucid Conscience Vol. 1.”
He will be attending music production school Icon Collective in Burbank, California, this fall.
Griffith, who’s up for song of the year and best hip-hop act at this year’s Steamtown Music Awards, went On the Record to discuss his sound and his process.

Q: How did you first get involved in music?
A: I always took a pretty deep interest in music growing up, and I started playing guitar seriously when I was like 14, and then about a year and a half ago I got my hands on some production equipment and started producing music, and that led to recording, and it just changed everything for me.
Q: Where does the name 10griffy come from?
A: It’s like a play on words with Ken Griffey Jr. I grew up around baseball a lot, and I just think he’s a great baseball player and it’s a good, funny play on words.
Q: What is your process for writing music?
A: I mean, it could start a lot of different ways. Sometimes I have, like, a melody in my head, sometimes I have, like, a song idea, something to write about, but it always starts with the beat first. I like to write the beat first and then write over it so I have a perfect feel for what I’m working with, and making the beat could start with some drums, it could start with a cool guitar riff I’ll play, anything.
Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a musician?
A: I’d say really just getting people to take it seriously and getting the music to people’s ears, like genuinely. — not forcing it down their throats with a bunch of Facebook posts because that’s not gonna build your image. Just genuine networking I find is the hardest part, so I try to slowly but strongly build up a fan base one by one.
Q: What are the future goals for your music?
A: Definitely to make a career out of it. I’m going to a music production school (Icon Collective) this fall, I’m moving out to Burbank, California, and I’ll be working out there. I have no clue where that’ll take me, but that’s the music business I guess.

Meet 10griffy

Name: Danny Griffith

Started: January 2016

Based out of: Scranton

Genre: Psychedelic hip-hop

For fans of: Mac Miller and Tame Impala

Online: For more information and to hear his music, visit

— paul capoccia

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