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Robots and monsters and more — oh boy!
I’m a big fan of movies — I grew up wearing out several VCRs and spending lots of time across the street from my house in a dusty old video rental store. The place was dimly lit, and run by an old couple who didn’t seem to be able to stand each other. The place reeked of smoke (the lady chain-smoked like a fiend), and they had an ornery, shabby old parrot who would sit in the corner screaming obscenities. Sometimes, I’d walk our dog over and tie her outside the store — the parrot would get all excited and start shouting “F#@* the cat! Shit! F#@* the cat!” I think I helped keep the place open far longer than it should have been with my rental habits.
Aside from getting my hands on all the new releases I could, I also mined the shelves for all the movies I’d heard about, or seen clips of on TV. We didn’t have any decent movie theaters nearby (the closest multiplex was a solid 40-minute drive), so going to see something on the big screen was a big deal. From an early age, I had a preemptive “that’s one to see in the theater” attitude when approaching films. Through high school and college, once the need for a ride diminished, I started being less choosy about what I’d see in a theater. Unfortunately, in recent years, the pendulum has swung back and it’s harder to get out to the movies — and I’ve returned to the same pre-evaluation.
This weekend, I applied my discrimination and decided to make the trek out to see Pacific Rim. If a movie about giant robots fighting giant interdimensional monsters isn’t worthy of a big-screen experience, I don’t know what is. Naturally, I had to see it on the biggest possible screen, so I headed to the IMAX theater in Dickson City.
Now, I’m going to say this upfront: this is a movie about robots fighting monsters. I did not expect anything grounded in reality or actors delivering Oscar-worthy performances. The trailers I saw didn’t exactly do much to further confidence. But, I was determined to see this spectacle of a thing, and I’m really glad I did.
Pacific Rim makes as much sense as it needs to. Occasionally, the rational parts of my brain would try to kick in: “Wait a minute, why giant robots? Why not just bomb the hell out of them and — “ shut your mouth, giant robots and giant monsters! Look how awesome!
The movie isn’t so much entertainment that you watch or analyze as it is something that happens to you in the theater for two hours. It’s big, it’s loud, it looks great. There’s not really a point where you stop caring that it’s ridiculous and unbelievable — you merely realize you never cared in the first place. There’s an almost unexplainable heart, too. Unlike so many other big, loud, summer action movies (even those others featuring giant robots), Pacific Rim feels like everyone involved was actually giving it their all. They wanted to make a huge movie about giant robots fighting giant interdimensional monsters, and they made the hell out of that movie. If you’ve been waiting for a fun movie to fulfill a “must see it in the theater” slot on your roster, this should be one.

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