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WEB MASTER TUCKER HOTTES has war games on the brain


Preparing for War…
February is almost out of our way, and we’re rapidly approaching spring. But before the warm weather starts to creep in, we’re stuck with the March doldrums. Sure, we’ll have Parade Day to keep us warm, but that won’t fill the rest of the time. In a few weeks, though, those who are so inclined will have some new video games to occupy the time. There’s a couple “… of War-colon” titles dropping, a week apart: God of War: Ascension (March 12), and Gears of War: Judgment (March 19).
These blockbuster games have gone beyond their respective trilogies, and apparently both Sony and Microsoft decided slapping a “4” on the end of the title would be unsophisticated, so they went with grammar’s oft-neglected piece of punctuation: the colon. To prepare for the two vastly different games, I’m doing a quick run-through of God of War 3 and planning to play a few co-op missions of Gears of War 3 with a buddy. I don’t typically re-play games, but both titles were excellent enough to warrant re-familiarization before the sequels. Plus, I don’t really have anything else good to play at the moment.

Speaking of games…
Damn it, Sony, why do you have to hold your PlayStation 4 press conference on deadline day? I’d love to weigh in on the successor to the PS3, and by the time you’re reading this the details will be everywhere, but unfortunately as of press time the conference hasn’t yet been held. Rumor has it the new console will be …  newer. I don’t really expect anything Earth-shattering to come out of the announcement — overall, it sounds like the typical kind of performance enhancements you’d expect, along with a slightly updated version of the PlayStation controller we’ve come to know across three iterations of the console.
Other speculation floating around surrounding the Sony press conference involves not the PlayStation, but Microsoft’s next console.
Microsoft hasn’t set a date yet for an announcement (though the announcement is nonetheless imminent), so some wondered if they’d just up and surprise everyone by jumping the gun and stealing some of Sony’s thunder. Others say they’re waiting until after the Sony announcement so they could talk about how much better their hardware will be. While the former didn’t happen, and I doubt they’ll take the kind of pot-shots the latter suggests, I expect we’ll be hearing something soon.

It’s shaping up to be an interesting (and wallet-draining) year for video game fans. For the first time in a long while, the E3 Expo might actually be something to look forward to (it goes down on a not-so-distant June 11). We’ve gotten a couple real stinkers in a row, and last year people were hoping we might have heard at least a glimmer about the upcoming next-gen consoles. Fortunately, we know for a fact that this year we’ll be seeing new hardware, so E3 will be filled with the heavyweights trying their very hardest to convince us to shell out many hundreds of dollars this fall (and Nintendo will be in a corner jumping up and down, shouting “Hey, look at me! Remember me, guys! Hey!”). Start saving your pennies, and take on that extra side job, kids!

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