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WEB MASTER TUCKER HOTTES is thankful for a nerdy holiday


Giving thanks for all those gadgets
This week, we give thanks. Thanks for all the great things in our lives, and that we have another year almost completely under our belts. Thanks for all the people who support us or just help us get through the day. Thanks for all the sweet gadgets. Thanks for the folks who fix them. Thanks that we might have gotten an awesome deal because we showed up in the pitch black dark before the line wrapped around the outside of the store.
Whatever it is you’re thankful for this year, you’ll likely be rushing to Facebook or Twitter to shout it out to the world. We’ve evolved into a society that uses the Internet as the bulletin board in the middle of the town square. There are downsides, but this time of year it’s great! We get to find out which older family members have finally joined “The Facebooks”; find out which friends have been in touch with the high school acquaintances we blocked years ago; and get called on to fix random technical issues ranging from the slow computer in the kitchen to the 4-year-old iPhone your uncle bricked when he tried to install iOS 6.
In between glasses of wine and arguing about the best way to initiate a video chat (you just know someone is going to ask what a Skype is), make sure you take some time to be glad that we live in a time where gadgets are so prevalent you have to show your great-aunt how to switch to the front-facing camera on her iPad so you’re not constantly staring at her orthopedic shoes. While technology certainly invites plenty of cringe-worthy family moments, it’s still better than having to send out that awkward holiday letter — and lord knows, your handwriting these days is just terrible.
Eat yourself close to death, then retire to the couch and begin the evening’s exchange of text messages and Facebook posts trying to figure out who was the most gluttonous. When the rest of the wine kicks in and that ill-advised after-dinner drink(s) starts burning in your stomach, feel free to pull up embarrassing photos of your cousins that are hidden from their “family” category. You know everyone will get a kick out of that time cousin Jim split his head open falling over trying to steal a park bench (“fell down the stairs” indeed, Jim).
After you’ve escaped to the spare room to fix the WiFi printer that was never set up right in the first place, and download five different pieces of pirated software because your family member just can’t stand to use the stripped down versions of Office and Photoshop, it may be safe to return to the family room where everyone is ignoring the TV and either sleeping or engaged in vigorous rounds of Draw Something with each other.
We all have our little holiday traditions, and the nerdy among us cheerfully groan and fix things while the rest cheerfully hand them over to be fixed. But no matter what frustrations we encounter, we’re always happy and thankful for some time to reflect. I hope everyone enjoys an excess-filled Thanksgiving this year.

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