In the borough of Lehighton in the heart of Carbon County, folks are glad to see Another Day Dawns.
The alternative/hard rock band has gained steam and a loyal following for its energetic live shows in the past few years, and was a finalist in the national “neXt2rock” contest, taking the young group to Los Angeles.
Though Another Day Dawns didn’t take home the top prize, the band earned even more attention, this time from industry heavyweights, such as songwriter Desmond Child, who has written hits for Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and more.
With a debut EP being released on Saturday, Feb. 23, marked by a show at One Centre Square in Easton, Another Day Dawns remains busy, as it also shoots a music video with Brian Cox of Flarelight Films, who previously directed videos for Good Charlotte, Starset, Hollywood Undead, and more.
Singer Dakota Sean recently went On the Record and shared that while the band is excited about where it’s headed, it never forgets where it comes from.

Q:How did the band form?
The band started as me, lead guitarist Tyler Ritter and drummer Nick McGeehan in a cover band playing a couple times a week. As we matured, we began to take our roles/instruments more seriously. We began writing our own music, took the name “Another Day Dawns,” and added Livi Dillon on bass.

Q: Tell us about how being a finalist in the “neXt2rock” contest changed the band’s fortune.
That helped us out in so many ways. We got a trip to L.A., made some great connections, became close friends with Desmond Child and also got hooked up with John Phillips, our now current manager.

Q: What can listeners hear on the new EP?
We expect listeners to hear a change of pace. It’s been a long time in the making for us to finally release a solid EP with a lot of the different influences and backgrounds we all have. But on this we felt it all flowed together perfectly and should be able to please listeners of all of the rock spectrum and all ages.

Q: How did growing up and living in Northeast Pennsylvania influence your work ethic?
It’s tough in our area; you have to put in twice the amount of work to make the connections or breakthroughs rather than you would in L.A. or something with a bigger market.

Q: What is a live performance by Another Day Dawns like?
Honestly, it’s a crazy experience. We keep the crowd going no matter if you’re head banging with us or just vibing with the atmosphere that’s all around. We always stress the elements of what makes each song unique, to keep each song at the right level of emotion while keeping the energy constant.
Q: What’s in store for the EP release show?
We have all new merchandise available, which we are really excited about. We have brand new songs we will be performing, and basically just taking our show and turning it up to 11.

Another Day Dawns
Genre: Alternative/hard rock
Members: Dakota Sean, vocals; Tyler Ritter, lead guitar; Livi Dillon, bass; Nick McGeehan, drums
For fans of: Highly Suspect, Breaking Benjamin, Asking Alexandria