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20 Years of Flaxy

Formed in 1994, local cover band Flaxy Morgan is celebrating 20 years this month with some very special events. The band will rock a couple of anniversary shows beginning this Saturday, Nov. 8, at The V Spot, Scranton, and next Saturday, Nov. 15, at Chackos, Wilkes-Barre. Flaxy Morgan’s current lineup includes: Richie “Rockstreet” Kossuth (drums), Krysten Montgomery (vocals), Steph Orell (bass and vocals) Frank Gruden (keyboards) and Jason “JBIRD” Santos (guitars and vocals).

I had the chance to catch up with Kossuth earlier this week and talk about 20 years of Flaxy Morgan

What are some changes you’ve seen in the local music scene over the past 20 years?
Oh boy. Where do I begin? (Laughs) The big clubs may be gone, but it’s still fun performing to people who come out to have a good time.

Was it hard for the band to break into the local scene at first?
When new bands form, there’s always a good vibe. It usually dies down. We started with well-known people and played music nobody else was doing.

Why do you think Flaxy Morgan has been able to entertain people in the area for so long?
We always had the idea of playing songs that people like and keeping it danceable is the big plus. We’re a fun band and people see that.

Do you have any specific shows that Flaxy has been a part of that really stick out in your mind?
Of course! Our opening night was probably one of the best. Seeing all of our friends come out to support us. We play many church and fireman’s bazaars and fairs. The Tafton Fair is one of the best. We’ve played it 20 years in a row. We have played from Ithaca to Virginia due to playing (the Tafton Fair). There are really still a lot of shows now that are still great.

What are some of your favorite songs to play and why?
For me, anything that gets people dancing. We play anything from A to Z. Personally, I like to play anything.

Is there a song or songs that the band has played in the past that you look back at now and think “I can’t believe we played that!”?
I’m sure there are many, but one that sticks out the most to me was “September” by Earth Wind and Fire. We played it as a four-piece. We also played “Rock n Roll Band” by Boston.

What words of advice can you give up an coming bands looking to break into the local circuit?
Not sure if I want to answer this one. (Laughs) It depends on what they plan on doing. To make it in the club scene has to be what people want to hear, not what you want to play. Heck, I’d be doing a night of Steely Dan, Genesis, Yes and Pink Floyd if I played what I wanted to! (Laughs)

What’s your favorite drummer joke?
None. They all cut us down. (Laughs)

Not only is Flaxy Morgan a local favorite, the band and yourself are often very involved in benefits and I know Rockstreet music has always been willing to lend a hand when others were in need. How important is it to you that Flaxy Morgan helps out when it can?
We have always been part of benefits when we can. I always look at what we were asked to do and know how fortunate we are and an hour of our time means a lot to them. We have one coming up next week at Chacko’s for a Toys for Tots. This is our third year playing it.

Where do you see Flaxy Morgan in 10 years?
Hopefully still playing the bazaars, weddings and private work. I plan on keeping the beat going as long as I can.

Cheers to you and the band and here’s to another 20!

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