Vital Idol
I don’t sing karaoke. However, I thoroughly enjoy people watching and watching people compete for a trip to Las Vegas, Nev., by singing karaoke tunes in a rock n’ roll bar. Sounds like a good time to me. I recently caught up with The V Spot owners Vinnie Archer and Frank Lombardo quite early in the morning, and we spoke about the inaugural V Spot Idol over some coffee and juice. (Frank did most of the work; Vinnie did most of the talking.)
What exactly is going on here on Sunday nights?
V: The V Spot is currently showcasing the area’s finest singers in a karaoke extravaganza known as V Spot Idol. May I go on?

Please. Please do. Don’t let my smirk slow you down.
V: We found a huge void for people with talent to come out and showcase it in front their friends. Therefore, when we opened we started karaoke on Sunday nights. It blossomed into such a huge turnout on a regular basis. Why can’t we  create an event and send some people to a faraway, extravagant destination? With the help of DJ More2Luv, we created V Spot Idol. I would like to have a period inserted right here.

I can do that.

V: This is the last week. We want people to come and give their best effort and sing in this last week. This is the last chance for the public to come in and be a part of the finals. After this week, eight go on to compete on weekly basis with the winner announced on Sept. 16. Right, Frank?

F: It’s written right behind you on the wall.

V: There you go. Someone is going to win tickets for three days on the strip in beautiful Las Vegas.

How has the crowd reception been for a karaoke contest in a rock ‘n’ roll bar?
V: Overwhelming. We actually delivered a baby here on our first Sunday. Hysteria. If anything, we want to emphasize that we are a rock ‘n’ roll bar. We want to be everything to everybody.

Do contestants choose their own songs?
V: The answer is yes. Come playoff time, this is not going to be the case. DJ More2Luv will be more in control on what you sing and what you don’t sing. It’s feverish.

Calm down.
V: Feverish!

Where would you like to take V Spot Idol from here?
V: I believe our inaugural V Spot Idol will not be the end of this saga. I would like to see next year’s trip send two people to Bora Bora! I believe this will carry on for years because of the joy we brought to the average Joes — no pros, just coming out to sing for their friends. When you see your friends singing, it takes down the boundaries of whatever the style of music is that they’re performing.

You’ve also been a great supporter of local original music and musicians.
V: We embrace them. In the year 2013 we are going to do more with original music than we have in the past. There is a cry for local musicians to be heard and we hear the crying.

Here’s what’s in my headphones this week: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers The Last DJ (Warner Bros.) 2002

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