Assorted declarations by staff writer Tom Graham

Buy a ticket
Last Wednesday, the local inter-web was abuzz with the announcement that the Dave Matthews Band had added a May 28 Scranton appearance to its website. The last time, and the only time, I saw “Dave” live in concert was in the very late ’90s, in the sweltering heat, at a racetrack surrounded by dudes wearing backward baseball hats and sunburned screeching ladies pounding Zima on the back of a Ford 150. Last week’s announcement was met with some rolling eyes and sighs from people who feel the area’s summer concert line-up needs a shake-up, and that Dave Matthews has performed here before, along with the usual popular country acts that I’m sure will be returning this season.
So my question is this: why complain?
To be completely honest with you, there are usually three or four acts I truly want to see that make it to close our area. I do tip my hat to all the brave national touring acts that push the pin in the map that marks northeastern Pennsylvania as a stop on their tours. We usually prove to be a wild bunch and can be rather demanding. I’ve come to the realization that shows I long to see and cannot miss are usually going to cost a small fortune and will be quite a drive. Willie Nelson and Tony Bennett will be coming to the F.M. Kirby Center soon and those are shows that I am very interested in seeing, not because I am a huge fan, but because I love music and variety is the spice of  … yadda yadda …. you get the point. Rob Zombie and Megadeth at the Toyota Pavilion May 12? Sounds good to me as well. There’s not a show that’s going to come to this area that I won’t keep an open mind about seeing (except for you, Fergie). I think I would rather enter a show kicking and screaming and be pleasantly surprised than playing it safe and complacent and end up underwhelmed.
You can call me a lot of things, but a close minded music snob isn’t one of them.

Shake it
Weathervane Music released its latest episode of Shaking Through, a music series documenting the creation of an entire song in very limited time. This new episode features former Wyoming Valley resident Timothy Showalter, the man behind the musical project Strand Of Oaks. The film’s creator, Weathervane Music, is a non-profit organization that creates community funded projects to support and advance the careers of working independent musicians. You can view the Strand Of Oaks performance “Spacestations” at www.shakingthrough.com.

Keep it up
Like I said last week, we are constantly receiving new submissions from area acts spanning all genres and styles. No matter what kind of beat you may be marching to these days, let us know what it is that you are working on and keep us posted on any projects, release dates, updates and plans. If you are in the studio finishing up a new record, send us an email of some studio pictures or sound bites. If you just arrived home from a small tour overseas, send us a video or an email and talk about it. It may be time for all of your hard work to get recognized.

Here’s what’s in my headphones this week: The Black Keys El Camino (Nonesuch Records 2011)

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