Haunted Attraction Reviews by Joe Rovinsky

2016 Halls of Horror Blood Experience
320 Delaware Ave., Palmerton

Halls of Horror is a hidden gem, and we are shocked by how many haunt fans are unaware of this special attraction. So many so-called extreme haunts pop up on various web pages, review sites and paid advertisements, none of which ever live up to their advertised hype. We have visited many of the so-called “extreme” events, and nothing compares to the level of twisted creativity, pure aggression and psychological torment doled out by the house of torment known as Halls of Horror.
Every single season this attraction continues to deliver with an adult, mature-themed attraction that creates an impressive horror experience coupled with a traditional haunted attraction. This is not an attraction for those easily offended and unable to let down their guard and become direct participants in a horrific show that is mentally and physically exhausting.
Halls of Horror is almost indescribable in its ability to generate real fear, yet it never crosses the line between an “extreme” haunt and all-out assault. “Extreme” haunts seem to use violence and torture to garner their reputations, yet these experiences are not exactly entertaining. Halls of Horror strikes the perfect balance between “extreme” and “traditional/classic” haunted attractions, as while physical, the operators are extremely professional in how they run it. Limits are pushed even further this year, and Halls of Horror prides itself on scaring guests to the point of submission. At times it’s hard to differentiate between reality and the show, as the attraction has mastered the art of cultivating a sense of vulnerability as a scare tool. Guests are at the mercy of each demented actor, and there is no doubt that this is an aggressive, mature attraction.
The actors never let up on the guests and make the experience memorable. It’s hard to forget the mental imagery of a disturbed pregnant woman “ejecting” her fetus into a pile of empty pills and beer cans, and a twisted clown who had us play a “game” in a dark ball-pit scene.
The interactive scenarios presented by Halls of Horror are not for those easily scared or unable to complete an aggressive haunted attraction. You will either have to let go of any inhibitions and “submit” to the experience or quit.

The Final Word
Respect the Halls of Horror and you will experience a once-in-a-lifetime horror experience unlike any other. Allowing yourself to take part in the “Blood Experience” is allowing yourself to engage in a horror movie come to life, featuring nonstop action, aggression and torment. This is a mature, adult-themed attraction geared to fans who want more from their run-of-the-mill attractions. Halls of Horror is a perfect mix of extreme and classic haunts, creating a show that is terrifying, humorous and always engaging. There isn’t an attraction that comes close to the organized chaos created by this innovative attraction, and we hope to continue to see it grow and prosper.

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