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A look at New Visions Acoustic Showcase

There’s no place to hide your talent and emotion while stripping down your songs to their acoustic root. Words are unable to seek shelter behind crashing symbols, bass lines and distortion pedals.
You’ll be able to catch five songwriters deliver their songs and stories at the New Visions Acoustic Showcase, which will feature solo artists in an intimate, unplugged setting on Saturday, April 28 at 7 p.m. Acts scheduled to appear are Daniel Rosler (of A Fire With Friends), Ed Cuozzo (of A Social State), Rafiel Pimentel (of Silhouette Lies), Patrick McGlynn (of Blinded Passenger) and Danny Jackowitz.
“We are getting more up close and personal with members of some of what we think are more prominent local bands,” said Adam Weitzenkorn, owner of New Visions Studio and Gallery. “We put it together as more of an old-school, MTV unplugged idea. I teach art classes to kids and they have no clue what MTV unplugged ever was.”
The artists performing on the acoustic bill are excited to get together, share their music with an audience and listen to their peers.
“I am looking forward to the show because I feel the line-up is a very strong representation of the talent within the Scranton music scene,” said Rafael Pimentel, of Silhouette Lies. “I can honestly say I have been, and am always, impressed any time I hear Pat, Danny, Dan or Ed play music in a full band or more intimate setting. I am honestly just humbled to see my name alongside theirs. I’m also excited because I rarely play acoustic shows.”
Patrick McGlynn, from Blinded Passenger, expressed the same sentiment. “The cool thing about this show is getting to play with four great song writers. It feels like the local original music scene is really starting to gain some momentum. There are a lot of people working hard to give original music a place in Scranton. Venues like New Visions, The Keys, The Vintage Theater, as well as all the local talent — everybody is so genuinely supportive of each other. I think the thing that I like most about a show like this is that people are coming to hear you be yourself artistically; you are not expected to be a jukebox.”
Due to the natural sound structure of the gallery, there may not even be a need to amplify a single note during the showcase, keeping true to the intimate acoustic feel of the night’s music.
Weitzenkorn said, “the gallery itself has terrific acoustics whenever we have somebody playing. They don’t need anything and sound incredible.”
New Visions Acoustic Showcase will be held April 28, 7 p.m. at New Visions Studio & Gallery, 201 Vine St., Scranton. Admission is $6 at the door. Visit NewVisionsStudio.com for more information.
— tom graham

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