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The Fuzz 92.1 welcomes Walk The Moon


From their infectious hit song “Anna Sun” to the release of their brand new Tightrope EP earlier this week, Ohio’s Walk The Moon has experienced quite the whirlwind ride in recent months. The face painted quartet makes a stop in the Electric City this week for an intimate acoustic performance. Walk The Moon will take the stage as part of The Fuzz 92.1 Private Artist Showcase at the 92.1 Radio Theatre, 5th floor of the Times-Tribune Building, 149 Penn Ave., Scranton, Monday, Jan. 28. Show time is 4 p.m.
Walk The Moon is Nicholas Petricca (lead singer, keys), Kevin Ray (bass), Eli Maiman (guitar) and Sean Waugaman (drums). Citing Talking Heads, The Police and The Killers as influences, the band has been known to streak, dot and smear their faces in paint before every performance, even prompting their fans to join in on the fun. With swirling guitars, harmonious vocals and a stomping beat to get even the most buttoned up babes moving their bodies, Walk The Moon is currently feeding off the buzz.
We spoke with guitarist Eli Maiman about Walk The Moon’s recent success, their live show and what it’s like to put on the paint.

Talk about this recent momentum the band has been experiencing.
It’s been pretty overwhelming lately. We just released a new EP, (Tightrope EP) and it’s currently #12 on the iTunes charts just above Bruno Mars, so being in that kind of company is really amazing. It feels good and we’re all having a really good time right now. It feels like a long time for all of us. We all decided pretty early on that we wanted to be musicians and we’ve been wailing away on the public’s eardrums collectively for decades. It’s nice to feel like all of that work is paying off.

In the past year, how has the band grown?
This group is relatively young as far as bands go. We’ve been playing together since January 2011 and there has been a lot of growing up together and under the gun. We’re constantly being thrown opportunities like playing on TV for Jimmy Fallon or Conan or to play big festivals like Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo. It definitely felt like a “do or die” situation because no one wants to throw these opportunities away. I think you can really see the growth of the band in our studio work. We’re proud of the record we made a year ago, but if you listen to the Tightrope EP, you can hear the band getting tighter. I think we’re learning how to complement each other’s style.

Describe your live show.
When we started playing together, the difference was that we were really fighting for people’s attention at that point. We were opening for bands like Grouplove, Young the Giant and Fitz and The Tantrums, and we needed to convert the audience and make them love us because, in all likelihood, they never heard of us before coming to the show. Now that we are playing our own headlining gigs, it’s more our crowd, and we don’t have to fight for the affection as much. We can enjoy the experience of playing live, interact with each other and the audience and be a little less stressed about our livelihood depending on every note we play.

What is going through your mind when it’s almost show time and the war paint goes on?
The paint is almost an afterthought for us at this point. Usually right before we go on we’ll do some vocal warm-ups and get used to singing together since that such a big part of the show.  I’ll have my guitar on and my in ear monitors strapped in and realize I don’t have face paint on. We played a show in Cincinnati recently where I completely forgot to put it on and my friend ran to the side stage and threw paint on my face so I could look like the rest of the guys. It’s definitely a big part of the live vibe. It’s not just us having the paint on, but everyone having the paint on and coming together for this collective experience. We try to make the shows really positive and make sure everyone has positive group communal experience.

You’ll be playing the Artist Showcase which is an acoustic intimate show unlike other radio performances. What can your fans expect to see and hear?
We feel like the acoustic stuff we have done in the past has received a very good reaction. We have an acoustic version of “Tightrope” on the new EP and we had a good reaction to our MTV Unplugged session. Playing acoustic is a little bit different; it obviously can’t be as high energy as the live electric show, but I think it highlights the musicianship in the band and hopefully our abilities as singers and players.

What are you plans for the rest of the year?
We are touring a lot this year. We’re going to see some places we haven’t seen before. We’re thinking about getting to Japan and maybe Australia. We have a lot of new songs written and are looking forward to getting them on tape and sharing them with everybody.
— tom graham

The Fuzz 92.1 Private Artist Showcase featuring Walk The Moon at the 92.1 Radio Theatre, 5th floor of the Times-Tribune Building, 149 Penn Ave., Scranton, Monday, Jan. 28. Show starts at 4 p.m. The show is all ages. Sign up for free tickets at www.radiofm921.com by clicking on the Walk The Moon banner. Tickets are first come, first served.

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