Ear Full: The Glass Prism

Back in Black

The Glass Prism brings “Resurrection: A Rock Opera” to Scranton

Even though The Raven has gone on record by quoting “nevermore,” The Glass Prism is back after an extended hiatus to perform their Edgar Allen Poe-infused music in The 570. The literary classic rockers are debuting their new production, “Resurrection: A Rock Opera” on Sunday, Oct. 7 at the Scranton Cultural Center in their third appearance since the ’70s. The show will feature songs from their RCA Album, Poe Through The Glass Prism, as well as songs from their new album, Resurrection. The debut performance will also feature clips from the documentary, On Joy and Sorrow: The Glass Prism Story.
“Resurrection: A Rock Opera” chronicles the musical journeys of two characters, a young musician and a poet, mixed with newer songs and classic cuts like ‘The Raven,” “El Dorado” and “Conqueror Worm”. “The show is based on the new album Resurrection,” said The Glass Prism’s multi-instrumentalist Tom Varano. “It’s a story about a musician and a poet that meet and go on a journey together. This is their journey; maybe the journey is real for some musicians, poets and writers, and maybe it’s a dream.”
The Glass Prism started putting this production together a year ago and has been rehearsing on a weekly basis in order to fine tune different aspects of the show. After this weekend’s debut, the members will talk about the possibilities of future performances in different venues. Proceeds from the show at Scranton Cultural Center will benefit the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit 19 and the Arts Alive Program.
“We hope to be able to do this on a yearly basis where we can donate a scholarship or two. We’re not doing this show to get rich or make money; we’re doing this as a gift back to the community. We want to give back to everyone that cares.”
Tom Varano also wants concert goers to know that after all of these decades, the band still has plenty of tricks up their sleeves. “If they know the group, they are going to expect what they know and they’re going to be surprised,” Varano said. “If they don’t know the group, they’re also going to be surprised because it’s different than anyone’s ever seen before. If you come just to enjoy the music that’s fine it’s going to be there. If you come and you want to go deeper, there is the opportunity. The music is still there and it’s still a rock band doing something that we’ve done since the beginning; play rock ‘n’ roll music in our style.”
The first ever live performance of “Resurrection: A Rock Opera,” will feature Lou Cossa (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals), Rick Richards  (Drums, Percussion, Vocals),Tom Varano (Guitar, Piano, Vocals), Fran Festa (Bass, Vocals), Mike Mercuri (Hammond B3 Organ, Piano, Vocals) and special guests including Shadoe Steele, Lisa Marie Gurley, Nancy Graziano and more.
After years of writing and performing music, Varano sees many possibilities in the future for The Glass Prism. “There’s a line written by Oliver Wendell Holmes that says most of us go to our grave with our music inside of us (Many people die with their music still in them), and I just think that is one thing that we’re not going to do.”

— tom graham

The Glass Prism presents “Resurrection: A Rock Opera” at The Scranton Cultural Center on Sunday, Oct. 7, at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m. Ticket prices are $25 for reserved seating and $40 for special reserved VIP seating and “Meet and Greet” following the show. Proceeds will benefit the NEIU and the Arts Alive Program. Tickets are available through Scranton Cultural Center Box Office, at 344-1111, 1-800-745-3000 or www.ticketmaster.com.