Ear full: Graces continues to grow

Graces Downfall celebrates ‘Resplendent Indignity’

Simply by looking into his eyes and hearing his speaking voice, one can sense the genuine passion Kenneth Norton has for life, music and the continued success of his band, Graces Downfall. Hailing from Scranton, the band has been playing countless shows in northeastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, all the while honing their craft and ever-expanding their listening audience. The group will celebrate the release of its third album, “Resplendent Indignity,” Friday night at The Hardware Bar in downtown Scranton at 10 p.m. along with special guests Lemongelli and Madrone.
The group previously released two records, 2008’s “A Basement In Laflin” and 2010’s “Always The Victim.” Like its predecessors, “Resplendent Indignity” was produced by Bret Alexander of Saturation Acres and Paul Young, formerly of Pan.a.ce.a. Members of Graces seem comfortable in their own musical roles within the band and this production combination. They also knew they were ready to record.
“We’ve been writing it for the past two years,” Norton said. “When we first started, it was very influenced by the older albums, but as we kept writing, it strayed off more. It’s good because it shows more growth on our end.”
He also credits their hard work ethic as helping mold the band’s sound, as well as raising funds to record their original work. Graces Downfall used their own money earned by playing live shows, performing originals and cover songs, to finance the new record. Learning songs by other artists helped break-up the writing process, but in the process may have caused some re-directing.
“We wrote three or four songs and then took a break from writing so we didn’t burn ourselves out. Then we learned 25 covers. When we came back to writing, it had a different feel from what we were doing.”
Comparable to the band’s heavy hard rock sound, Norton’s lyrics are serious and, most importantly to him, very personal. Behind a solid rhythm section and the swirling guitars of Mark Yanish, Norton’s voice finds temporary shelter.
“Most of the stuff you hear about is my life” Norton said. “I don’t enjoy songs that don’t have any meaning to me. I write lyrics from my life. That’s my coping method.”
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Graces Downfall is Norton on vocals, Mark Yanish on guitar, Natalie Jurosky on bass and Matt Stygar on drums. The “Resplendent Indignity” release party will be April 6 at The Hardware Bar in Scranton at 10 p.m. with special guests Lemongelli and Madrone. Local production company 25/8 will film and record the night’s set for an upcoming live DVD and album. Admission is $5 at the door. Visit www.gracesdownfall.com for more information and album news.

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