Ear Full: Gin Blossoms

Still In Bloom

Gin Blossoms bring radio hits and more to The Sherman Theater


“I’ve had relationships come and go over the last 20 years, but my relationship with my band mates just continues on,” Gin Blossoms guitarist Scott Johnson said. “Because we stuck it out and still play, there is a confidence there when we hit the stage.”
With a hefty supply of hit songs under their belts and slew of surprises up their sleeves, Gin Blossoms are not only still performing sold-out shows, they’re offering these concerts with a mature outlook and solid confidence. You can catch Gin Blossoms on Saturday, Feb. 2 at The Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg at 8 p.m. Jersey Syndicate will serve as the opening act for the evening.
Gin Blossoms is Robin Wilson (lead vocals & guitar), Jesse Valenzuela (vocals & guitar), Scott Johnson (guitar), Bill Leen (bass) and Scott Hessel (touring drummer). In the late ’80s, Gin Blossoms were the hometown heroes of Tempe, Arizona and the number one local music draw in Phoenix. During that era, College Music Journal called them the “Best Unsigned Band in America.”
Their second record, New Miserable Experience, became a smash hit with songs like “Hey Jealousy,” “Allison Road,” “Until I Fall Away,” “Mrs.. Rita,” and “Found Out About You” and later went on to sell more than 4 million copies. After the band released Congratulations I’m Sorry, with hits “Follow You Down” and “As Long As It Matters”, the group began a 4-year hiatus before reforming again in 2005. Gin Blossoms released two more records, Major Lodge Victory and No Chocolate Cake and have continued to tour more than 25 different countries including a 5-city tour of Iraq in 2010. This year will bring the band to more than 100 U.S. cities, including their winter stop in Stroudsburg.
“This tour is going really well right now,” said Johnson. “We sold out a bunch of places. We did six shows last week and sold out five of them. We learned a couple of new songs and we will dig deeper into some of the older, not so known songs. We’re trying to mix it up this time by adding some stuff we normally don’t play.”
When asked about the overall audience reception, Johnson revels in the fact that large amounts of people are still coming out to the shows. “With the shows being sold out, it adds that cool factor; nobody else can get in. Just the idea of having a place completely full makes us feels good before we even get out there on stage. The reactions have been great. There have been a lot of people that have seen us a dozen times and a lot of people that have never seen us play live before. It’s always fun to turn on somebody new.”
You can still hear many Gin Blossoms tracks spinning on the radio today, mainly due to how the band approaches crafting their songs.
“I think our focus has always been great songs,” Johnson said. “Our songs have legs; each song is special and has its own unique melody and harmony.”
— tom graham

See Gin Blossoms live at The Sherman Theater, 524 Main St., Stroudsburg, on Feb. 2, Doors open at 7 p.m. with show time at 8 p.m. Ticket prices are $35 and $45. For more information, call 420-2808 or visit www.shermantheater.com or www.ginblossoms.net.

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