Ear full: From North Carolina to NEPA

One night after opening for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Summer Stage in Central Park, on Sept. 25, Floating Action will play at The Bog. Local musician Mike Quinn, still supporting his solo debut, Magico (out on Scranton’s Prairie Queen Records June 7) will open.

Floating Action is a band from North Carolina, though on tape, Kauffman records mostly alone. This Sunday, Kauffman’s Floating Action will consist of Josh Carpenter on drums, Michael Libramento on bass, and Brian Landrum on guitar and keys. All share vocal duties. The touring group has made their way through the 570 before, sharing the stage at The Bog a few times with Quinn’s (former) band, And The Moneynotes.

"When we were coming up to New York I told our bookie that we have to play The Bog," said Kauffman. "It’s the coolest place."

Quinn shares Kauffman’s enthusiasm, adding, "The Bog is a good place for (us) because it’s tiny. There isn’t any separation really, the band and the audience are all jammed together. A touring band can connect with folks and make an impression pretty quickly."

Central Park won’t be Floating Action’s first stop with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. They’ve already played three shows together. Kauffman initially received an invite to join them on tour after the Nocturnals guitarist, Benny Yurco, had been listening to Kauffman’s latest record, Desert Etiquette. "We are like family with them now," Kauffman said. "We’ve shared their tour bus and they’re interested in how we record."

Kauffman recorded his latest album with current Band of Horses bassist, Bill Reynolds, in only two days, with Kauffman playing all of the instruments. The emphasis was on spontaneity, quickly laying down songs Kauffman had already been writing and working on for several months. The record’s sparse instrumentation gives way to the atmosphere of the recordings, much like My Morning Jacket’s The Tennessee Fire, though Kauffman compares the resulting effect to Dylan’s John Wesley Harding.

Quinn won’t be playing solo. He intends to bring along a band with raucous intentions: And The Moneynotes’ Pat Finnerty, and Tigers Jaw members Adam Mcllwee, Ben Walsh, and Pat Brier. Quinn has been playing a few shows in support of Magico while periodically making videos for each of the album’s tracks and putting them up on Vimeo.

Floating Action will be back up north in November for a string of dates. In the meanwhile, Kauffman heads to Texas to play some shows, and possibly record an album, with Hacienda’s Dante Schwebel and Benny Yurco from Grace Potter in the Nocturnals. "There’s no real plan," he said. "It’s just Dante’s idea of a vacation."

- jason lucarelli

The Bog is located at 341 Adams Ave., Scranton. Tickets are $5 at the door. Check out Floating Action’s November tour dates at www.floatingaction.com. Look for Mike Quinn’s latest news at www.mquinnmusic.com.

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