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Mud: it does a body good
If it seemed that there was a run on Epsom salts this weekend, we know why: the Dirty Girl Mud Run.
Our flight begins on Montage Mountain where we joined more than 8,000 — yes, you read that correctly, 8,000! — ladies ready to run, jump, slide, climb and trudge through muddy pools and rocky terrain as part of a fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. These women were in it to win it. They were organized. They were dressed in team tee-shirts. They were fearless, and they had fun.
As this was our first mud-filled 5K experience, we weren’t sure what to expect. We were prepared to do our best, but we have to be honest, we were keeping an eye on those detour signs in case things got just a little too sloppy out there. We won’t tell you how many of those detours we actually took; that’s not the point. The point is we were there to support a worthy cause, and we had a steaming good time in spite of the fact that tiny pebbles and pieces of dirt linger on our bodies days and numerous showers later.
OK, we’re kidding.
(No we aren’t).
You get the point: it was crazy muddy!
When we arrived mid-morning, there were so many cars in the parking lot, you’d think they were getting ready for a Maroon 5 concert (if only Adam Levine would come to Scranton!). Anyway, back to the mud. It was a nice walk to the registration area, where we picked up our official Dirty Girl Mud Run tees, checked in our bags and bid adieu to our cell phones for a while (which felt really unnatural, we might add) and we were off and running.
At this point, everyone looked pristine and lovely, but it wasn’t long before we were covered in mud from head to toe. Remember Charlie Brown’s buddy, Pig Pen? Well, we put him to shame in a matter of minutes.
As we began the course with a brisk 5K run, we saw the Dirty Divazzz to our left and the Bouncing Betties to our right. The Muddy Margarita Mamas were storming through the course in front of us, and the Dirty Martini Girls were on our heels. And how about the Boob Bees? Clad in yellow and black with antennae on their heads, they were on the move. Color us impressed!
Although it wasn’t easy to distinguish who was who after a while (mud-covered faces and hair make that tricky), we saw a few familiar faces among the thousands of participants, including (in no particular order): Faith Nicosia, Irene Clark, Amber Monfette, Amanda Banik, Joann Banik, Nikki Keller, Casey Stevens, Stacy Full, Kelly Skeras, and electric city’s own Kristie Vazquez.
Although the run was designed just for the ladies, there were plenty of men out and about on the mountain, too. Brian Craig was there to cheer on his wife, Sharon, and we saw Hugo Fernandez along the path, too, rooting for Sarah Eynon.
We made plenty of new friends along the way, too. You really bond with people when you’re running as fast as you can, repelling backwards downhill, climbing over wooden walls, trudging through rocky terrain and streams, repelling backwards down more hills, running more, hopping through a tire obstacle, running through the woods and encountering muddy patches that are knee-deep in some places, tearing through mud tunnels, climbing a rope wall and holding your breath that you don’t end up butt-deep in a pile of hay (which, by the way, really sticks to you when you’re covered in mud) and finishing the course jumping and crawling through a mud pit.
We were so happy we made it — even if we did need to use a couple of those detours — and that giant pile of mud-encrusted sneakers from all those who made it through awaited us. We tossed in our Nikes to be recycled, and grabbed a towel. The rest of the day would be reserved for showering and snoozing.
Ahhh …. a good time was had by all.
— cb

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