Cabinet lets ‘loose’ Oct. 29

Local band enjoys loyal fans at River Street Jazz CafeCabinet is hosting a Halloween Hoedown at the River Street Jazz Café on Oct. 29. Tickets are $15 at the door or $8 in advance by visiting

Tickets for Cabinet’s Appalachian Brewing Company performance in Harrisburg are $30 and include round-trip transportation and a guest spot in the live DVD.Cabinet (JP Biondo on mandolin/vocals; Mickey Coviello on guitar/vocals; Pappy Biondo on banjo/vocals; Dylan Skursky on bass; Todd Kopec on fiddle; and Jami Novak on drums/percussion) begins its holiday mini-tour at the River Street Jazz Café with a Halloween Hoedown on Oct. 29. (Other shows include an appearance on Thanksgiving weekend and a New Year’s eve performance.)

The homegrown band has historically played some of their loosest sets at the Jazz Café.

"It’s our spot, so we’re more comfortable," said JP Biondo. "The crowd there is super loyal."

Currently, the group is prepping Set II, the follow-up to its first disc of live material, to be released in early December. An upcoming performance at the Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg will be filmed by Dead Elm Productions and released in the new year. "Sometimes it means more to hear how a band plays together live versus how the sound in the studio," said Biondo.

But that doesn’t mean the band is abandoning the studio altogether. Cabinet will be heading back to Eric Ritter’s Windmill Agency Studio in January to pick up recording its sophomore full-length disc. Festival appearances and other tour duties put the initial sessions on pause, but the band plans to continue working on new tracks like, "Susquehanna Breakdown," "Heavy Rain," "Doors," "RRR," and "Upon a Feeling."

Some of the tunes have already been creeping (get it?) into sets at the Jazz Café.

Mickey Coviello and Biondo described the new material as "popp-ey, a little countryesque, and one cut has an edgy bridge that may not belong in Bluegrass."

The group has previously dabbled in reggae, but some of the new material has them tinkering with Latin-inspired breakdowns. "It’s all about the feel of the groove," said Coviello. "That comes from our drummer, Jamie. He has more of a worldly feel."

A few Halloween surprises are planned for the Jazz Café show and there’s a tentative promise for some new songs. "It’s a great place to debut new material," said Coviello.

Biondo added, "It’s one crowd who’ll definitely let us know how they feel about something."