Barbed Wire By Rube Lomax

With fear and trepidation, I entered Mohegan Sun Arena Sunday night, fearful that the deity of my rock ‘n’ roll formative years had become a lame and tame version of Phil Collins post-Genesis, or even worse, “Fat Elvis” minus the sequins and polyester jumpsuit.

Instead, that sexy snake dancing dervish known as Axl Rose was back in full and I near fainted with rapture the minute the grim and grimy frontman hit the stage. For the next two hours-plus, I remained in a euphoric state as my senses took in the riveting show and I must admit, I hardly missed Slash, Duffy, Izzy and Steven due to the movin’ and groovin’ new members of Guns and Roses.

Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach opened the show early on and while he brought down the house with the likes of “18 and Life” and “I Remember You” in hair band full force, I still pictured him on Broadway when I caught him in the starring role of both Jekyll and Hyde (he was later replaced by David Hasselhoff) and then The Rocky Horror Show (alongside Joan Jett) so many moons ago.

But let’s face it, Bach was back only to wet our proverbial whistles as we geared up for the return of rock ‘n’ roll royalty.

And even though the true black and blue blood rockers never made it to the stage well past 11 p.m. on a work night, the crowd went insane throughout GNR’s entire performance, especially when the guitar licks of Sweet Child O’ Mine and Welcome to the Jungle began. Yes, Rude Rube had a fabulous time reliving my wanton youth and glory and by concert’s end I had completely lost my voice thanks to singing along to the oldies – much to the chagrin (and elation) of my domestic partner.

Still, that didn’t keep me from belting out a few bars of November Rain in the shower Monday morn just before I headed off to my chiropractor for an adjustment due to a neck injury I incurred from head banging into the wee morning hours.

To quote the Rolling Stones: What a drag it is getting old.

Meanwhile, Friday night at POSH was anything but a drag thanks to a perfect performance by the artist simply known as Joanna, a true drag queen extraordinaire whose repertoire included everything from Lady Gaga to Eartha Kitt during a fun and funky fundraiser for the Voluntary Action Center.

POSH owners Joshua Mast and Paul Blackledge could very well charge me rent as of late since I’ve been dining in their den of deliciousness quite frequently thanks to the culinary siren song of celebrity chef Jim McNalley, who formerly dished his delicious vittles at the Glen Oak Country Club.

In fact, I was sipping cosmopolitans barside last Tuesday night where I eavesdropped on the graduation ceremony of the latest batch of Leadership Lackawanna execs as they were congratulated by beleaguered Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty who still remained optimistic about his beloved city as he effused about all that is right in the Scranton world.

Borrowing from Guns n Roses: It’s apparent that while Scranton City Council may have its own Appetite for Destruction, Mayor Doherty still envisions his Paradise City. Scranton taxpayers, in the meantime, can only croon Welcome to the Jungle.

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